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Robert D. Brownstone, Founder​

full bio and CV

It takes a different breed of lawyer to leave a successful law firm career to launch his own firm and (not to toot our own horns) cutting edge continuing legal education company. Robert Brownstone, luckily for us, is that breed. In 2020, after reaching his 20th anniversary as a lawyer and technologist at a prominent Silicon Valley based law firm, Robert Brownstone launched his own: 1) law firm; 2) tech consulting company; and 3) law/tech educational provider.


A nationally recognized resource on electronic information for decades, he has authored over 100 articles on law/tech issues, been cited in almost 100 law review articles and been featured or quoted more than 180 times in various legal publications and in mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AP, Forbes and BusinessWeek.


Robert has delivered 500+ presentations to lawyers, technologists, HR folks and law students on a range of topics, such as Legal Ethics of 21st Century Technology, the "eWorkplace," Social Media Risks and Rewards and Metadata / Redaction.  He has chaired more than 25 conferences on Data Privacy, Cybersecurity, eDiscovery, Information Governance (IG) and Legal Operations. He has taught at many a law school nationwide and been a curriculum director at two law schools.


Educating others is Robert’s passion.  Per a line in the first Incredibles movie,, his motto is "When everyone is a superhero, no one will be.”  He splits his time between New Orleans and San Francisco.  Robert can often be found singing karaoke or dancing.​

Kate Moran, VP, Marketing & Sales

Dreams do come true. As a little girl, growing up in the Philadelphia area, Kate dreamed of a career in continuing legal education. (OK we made that last part up. . .) What is true is that today, Kate is our go-to for everything (and we mean everything) and CLE guru.  Kate is an accomplished marketing executive and team leader, with vast experience in producing CLE webinars and conferences.  Especially when designing CLE topics, Kate brings to bear her strong analytical ability coupled with intense passion for responding to customers' ideas and requests for new content.


Kate began her continuing education career at Informa, where she managed a team responsible for telecommunications and finance conferences for high-level executives from inception through execution. She was then recruited to Academic Impressions where, as Conference Director, she developed leading edge content for conferences in the areas of credit, tax, finance, law and human resources. Subsequently, Kate joined Progressive Business Conferences, the nation’s largest producer of continuing education programs at the time. She launched three new professional development divisions, including National Constitution Center CLE Conferences, generating revenues in excess of $8.5 million annually.


Kate is the only movie aficionado we know who does not have a favorite movie. However, the worst movie she ever saw was Tiptoes, and she rates it 0/10. Her motto comes from To Kill A Mockingbird, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view”

Sean Wollert, Manager

An oft-asked is, “So what does one do with a Sociology degree?”  If you are Sean, after graduating from The College of New Jersey you travel extensively, absorbing everything you can about different cultures. Between travels, he  is our list master and Excel guru. Sean's cultivated M.O. emphasizes interpersonal problem solving and group dynamics. Prior to joining the White Tiger team, he developed his marketing prowess at Merrill Lynch,  the Office of Mercer County County Executive Brian Hughes, and in the film industry. (The Mercy Man).


An avid outdoor enthusiast, Sean has a love of sports and a passion for healthy competition. You can often find Sean snowboarding, playing soccer or on a beach.  He sums up his worldview with the words of the great inventor George Washington Carver, “It is simply service which measures success." 


  • Leading provider of webinars and live talks on host of topics

  • Covering cutting edge legal rules and practical tips

  • Often focus on: HR / Employment / "eWorkplace" / Hybrid Workforce / Data / Electronically Stored Information (ESI);  Cybersecurity / Privacy; or Legal Ethics

What We Do

  • Use speakers who are thought leaders and skilled presenters

  • Materials link to many recent resources of all lengths and types

  • Convey practical tips for your firm, legal department and clients​

 Our Team

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